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One year ago on 7-16-2014, Roger and I faced a plan to help fight Stage 4 Lung Cancer. It took a lot of courage on Roger’s part but also a lot of confidence in the plan presented by Dr Rafique, Joan the clinical coordinator and all the well organized services of the clinic from pharmacy to nurses to scheduling. I am sure all who face a fight with cancer think they have entered the Twilight Zone. We are very appreciative that we have received the best there is to offer in Cancer Treatment. The comfort that efficiency and being well informed offers to face this battle has been our peace along with the Grace of God. Thank you for fighting with us!

Forever grateful,

Roger and Carla Mayberry

I am a 67 year old man who has been blessed my whole life with great health.  I never smoked or drank.  So I and my family and friends were quite stunned when the dark specter of cancer hit me in Nov. 2014, just a few weeks before Thanksgiving.

I was rushed to Mercy Medical Center with severe back pain.  I had never met or heard of Dr. Rooney until my admission.  From the second I met Dr. Rooney, she came across as an “angel of mercy”.  She was kind,  courteous, professional, but most of all, caring to my wife and I.  She clearly explained my condition and although I have Stage 3 cancer, she made me feel I have nothing more than a sprained ankle.

I have always been a man of faith and in my 3 plus months of treatment, I have only spent one minute dwelling on the negative aspects of my malady.  In fact, I truly believe is everyone had cancer for 5 minutes this would be a wonderful world.

When you are faced with your own mortality you realize what is important.  Ll the material stuff (cars, house, gifts) mean nothing to me.

Although I have always loved my family, I never said it enough.  Thanks to cancer , my faith and the support of my dear family and friends and the great work of Dr. Rooney, Dr Nagajothi and everyone at Tri-County (starting with the receptionist, Robin), I’m walking this journey with great confidence.

The team at Tri-County are Super Bowl Champs everyday of the year. I wish each peace  and happiness in Christ’s name.

David Lehotay

Everything in life has positives and negatives. The positive of coming to Tri-County is that I have the most amazing Doctor in the world.  I have all the respect in the world for Dr. Rooney.  I love her as a doctor and a person.  Also, all the staff is amazing as well. They all are very good at their jobs and give lots of support. They are very compassionate.

The negative, of course, is that I have to come here because I have cancer.  I have to come as often as once a week.  I have made lots of friends here.  Some are still fighting the battle, some have lost the battle.  I love all my cancer family.  We bond like no other.  And I am thankful for Tri-County.

Leah Townsend

Tri-County is Home.  All the staff, doctors and nurses are family to me. The care is spectacular.  My treatment went on for one year.  I’m doing great thanks to this clinic.

Janet Knepp

No one wants to hear the diagnosis of cancer

No one wants to go thru the treatment for cancer

No one wants to be sick from chemo and radiation

It would be great to win the Ohio lottery but much more it has been great to win and survive the lottery of LIFE.

Myself and all my cancer buddies are very fortunate to have Tri-County and Dr. Rooney in our area.

Once you walk thru the door you are greeted by compassionate personnel, amazing doctors and nurses.  I am a 15+ year survivor having had cancer 3 times.

Carolyn Augustine